Harpoon The Long Thaw White IPA

Harpoon-The-Long-Thaw-White-IPA“Spring” in New England is a fickle friend. So we brewed a beer that could carry us through the January cold while hinting at warmer days ahead. With notes of orange peel and coriander, the soft mouthfeel of a Belgian wit, and an intense hop profile, The Long Thaw White IPA combines the warming backbone of an IPA with citrus notes indicative of the coming spring. “Spring” in New England may be indecisive, but we can help make one decision a little easier.

From the Brewer – “The Long Thaw White IPA style blends the spiciness of a Belgian Wit and the American hop character of an IPA.

  • Appearance:  light-colored, hazy, thick white head
  • Aroma:  very citrusy, floral, and spicy from the ground coriander
  • Mouth feel: soft mouth feel with a clean finish.  Light to medium bodied.
  • Taste:  Medium bitterness, fruit and citrus flavors from the hops and orange peel, and spicy from the coriander.  A little bready / biscuity malt and wheat character.
  • Finish:  fruity, spicy, a little bitter, but clean and refreshing.

Great with Pepper cheese, pork, curry dishes.

Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 45
Alcohol by volume: 6.2%
Format: 6 Packs
Seasonality: Winter


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