Lakefront Big Easy Imperial Maibock

Lakefront-Big-Easy-Imperial-MaibockFrom the Brewer – “We brew just a few batches of our Big Easy Lager every year to celebrate Mardi Gras. Don’t be fooled by this beer’s light color: at 7.6% ABV, it is deceptively easy drinking. Pours a brilliant blonde-gold with a bright white fluffy head. Malty aromas blend with German noble Hallertauer hops. The flavor is bold and malty, with a robust sweetness provided by ample amounts of Munich pale malt that continues to the clean finish. A great crowd pleaser, and a fabulous beer for Carnival, whether you’re celebrating down in the French Quarter or right here with us in Milwaukee.”

Pairs well with Cajun, or any spicy food. A rounded hop flavor and crisp carbonation lift the spiciness of gumbo and jambalaya, while the substantial body stands up to the richness of dishes like etouffee. The sweetness can almost even pair with caramely pralines.

Hops: Mt. Hood
Malts: Two-Row Pale, Munich Malt
Original Gravity: 17.5º Plato
Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 16
Alcohol by volume: 7.6%
Format: 6 packs
Seasonality: Winter


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