Samuel Adams Norse Legend Sahti

Legend has it that barrels of sahti were found on sunken Viking ships off the coast of Norway.  This ancient Nordic ale took root in Finland becoming one of the oldest continuously brewed styles.  Deep amber in color, this rugged brew’s distinctive aroma and flavor comes from aging on a bed of juniper berries.  The herbal, woodsy, and ripe citrus character of the juniper enlivens a sturdy and smooth malt backbone for a fresh and flavorful brew.

From the Brewer – “One of the key characteristics of Sahti is its juniper flavor.  Traditionally this was achieved through filtering through full juniper branches.  Although this works well through the hand-carved kuurna, (wooden trough), it proved to be quite a challenge in our brewery.  With some more experimentation we developed a recipe where we age the beer on a bed of juniper berries that impart an herbal, woodsy, and fresh evergreen character.

The distinctive juniper is combined with the dry spiciness of rye and a base of roasted sweetness from specialty malts.  Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops bring a fresh citrus flavor that perfectly complements the brew’s rugged character.”

Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble hops
Malts: Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, Rye, Special B, and aromatic malt
Yeast: Samuel Adams ale yeast Special Ingredients Juniper berries
Original Gravity: 17.19 Plato
Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 16
Alcohol by volume: 7%
Format: 22oz bottles
Seasonality: Limited


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