J.K.’s Scrumpy Orchard Gate Gold Organic Hard Cider

From the Brewer – Scrumpy Well… that’s an English-style of farmhouse cider that has always been popular on the farms of southern England. It was also known here in the states in the early 1800’s. While we are not an English-style cider we are definitely a Farmhouse Cider.

Orchard Gate Gold After the harvest, it is tradition at our farm to enjoy a large glass of cider. The pickers and I enjoy the Golden Cider at the Orchard Gate – the same as I did with my father and grandfather.

I strive to make the best cider possible using these old methods and the traditional family recipe. There will be slight variations from bottle to bottle and year to year. This is a natural product. The bottom line is that it could not be made anyplace else. It is reliant on the soil.”


Orchard Gate Gold is delicious cold or even at room temperature. It usually depends on how you like to drink regular cider. It is purely a personal preference.

In the cold months I have always enjoyed cider mulled. This is what we drink on the farm around the holidays and in the cold Michigan winter. Simply warm the cider and the ingredients listed below in a saucepan, only heat to around 155 F. DO NOT BOIL!

– Bottle of Orchard Gate Gold
– A cinnamon stick
– A small amount of grated nutmeg
– A tablespoon of orange or lemon zest (whichever you prefer)

Slowly warm the cider and other ingredients in a saucepan, only heat to approx 155 F. Do not boil!!

Alcohol by volume: 6%
Format: 1pt 6oz bottles
Seasonality: Seasonal Release (October – December)


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