Weyerbacher Heresy Imperial Stout

Weyerbacher-Heresy-Imperial-StoutFrom the Brewer – “This incredibly intriguing ale is made by aging our Old Heathen Imperial Stout in oak barrels that were used for making fine Kentucky bourbon! The result is an extraordinary, dark, and mysterious stout whose very essence has been enhanced. The aroma is filled with vanilla, cocoa, and roasted coffee beans.

This silky-smooth brew has notes of oak, whiskey, roasted barley and vanilla that meld together on the tongue to create an incredible sensation.”

Try this beer in brownies, over ice cream, in icing or in lieu of your morning coffee!  (kidding on the last bit there….  you should wait ’till noon)

Alcohol by volume: 8%
Format: 6 packs
Seasonality: Winter-Spring


Lakefront Brewing India Pale Ale

Lakefront-Brewing-India-Pale-AleFrom the Brewer – “Pours a hazy orange with a rocky white head that lasts, and leaves soft lace on your glass as you sip this refreshing beer. American Cascade and Chinook hops dominate the aroma, yielding a citrusy, floral bouquet. The hops give a nice bite to the flavor profile, but this beer is well-balanced with a full body and smooth malty flavor to back up the hops. It finishes smooth and crisp with a lingering hop flavor reminiscent of fresh ruby-red grapefruit.”

Goes well with any spicy Indian or Thai food: green curry, tom yum soup, or pad thai beef dishes and fried seafood will stand up to the hops as well.

Hops: Zeus, Cascade, Chinook, Citra
Malts: Two-Row Pale, 20°L Caramel, 45°L Caramel Malt
Original Gravity: 16° Plato
Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 44
Alcohol by volume: 6.6%
Format: 6 Packs
Seasonality: Year Round

River Horse Tripel Horse

Notice a unique aromatic nose with a hint of vanilla esters, which comes from the Belgian ale yeast. Tripel Horse has a big body and rich mouth feel and finishes mostly dry with only a touch of sweetness. If you shy from some of the sweeter Belgian ales, we think you will enjoy this one. The palate improves with age, so keep some on hand and you can ride Tripel Horse down a new path with each opened bottle.

From the Brewer – “Our take on a Belgian Style Tripel Ale, fermented with a Trappist yeast strain which lends hints of vanilla and creates a variety of complex flavors.”

Alcohol by volume: 10%
Format: 6 packs
Seasonality: Winter

Harpoon Sweet Spot Ale

harpoon-sweet-spot-aleSweet spot is defined as “an optimum point or combination of factors or qualities.”  It’s like whoever wrote that was thinking about (or drinking) this beer when they came up with that definition! We brewed this beer for the night of your life, we brewed this beer for any night of your life – we brewed this beer to be just right.

From the Brewer – “A balancing act of the finest ingredients, this golden ale is a refreshing new breed of craft beer. Golden and bright, not too hoppy, not too malty, full-flavored but smooth, with a crisp, dry finish.

Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 26
Alcohol by volume: 4.8%
Format: 6 Packs
Seasonality: Year Round

Weyerbacher Merry Monks’ Belgian-style Tripel

Weyerbacher-Merry-Monks-Belgian-Abby-TripelFrom the Brewer – “Merry Monks’ is a Belgian-style Tripel. Pilsner malt combined with an abbey yeast strain yields a remarkable and complex flavor packed with notes of spice, banana and pear. Nicely balanced, with a moderate to dry finish, Merry Monks is bottle conditioned which imparts a special effervescence to the beer and a creamier carbonation.  9.3% ABV.

The ongoing fermentation inside the bottle will change the character of the beer as it ages, and you’ll find it becomes dryer with age. You may want to lay down a few bottles for future evaluation. We suggest storing at cellar temperatures – around 55°F – and away from light.”


Best Belgian Beer – Philly Beer Scene Awards, 2013

Alcohol by volume: 9.3%
Format: 6 packs
Seasonality: Year Round

Tröegs JavaHead Stout

troegs-javahead-stoutFrom the Brewer – “JavaHead is like a day at Tröegs; it’s hard to tell where the coffee ends and the beer begins. This creamy oatmeal stout is infused with locally roasted, cold steeped coffee through our HopBack vessel releasing subtle hints of cocoa, roasted nuts and dark mocha.

Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Cluster
Malts: Chocolate, Crystal, Oats, Pilsner, Roast
Yeast: Ale
Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 60
Alcohol by volume: 7.5%
Format: 6 Packs
Seasonality: Year Round

Yards Brewing Co BRAWLER

yards-brewing-co-brawlerKNOCKOUT FLAVOR

From the Brewer – “The most approachable of our ales, Brawler is malt forward and delicately hopped for a knockout flavor. Its smooth character, hints of caramel and toast and remarkable drinkability define this ruby-colored brew as a knockout session ale.

Brawler’s bready essence and luscious malts lend a sweetness that brings out flavors in margherita pizza and slow cooked BBQ. Its lower alcohol content makes it a great partner for spicier dishes as well.

Great American Beer Festival, Silver Medal, English Milds – 2013

Hop Bitterness (IBU’s): 12
Malts: Crystal and Amber
Original Gravity: 11º Plato
Alcohol by volume: 4.2%
Format: 6 packs
Seasonality: Year Round

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